In Need of a Pick-me-up

I feel down today for some reason.  I think hormones.  I’m ranging from wanting to drum my heels and throw a fit like a 2-year-old early this morning to feeling weepy before it is even 11 AM.

Yeah, gotta be the hormones.

I wonder if it is normal that I have the desire to drum my heels and throw a fit like a 2 year from time-to-time?  Like do other mature adults  have these feelings or am I just a nut?

Anyway, in search of a pick-me-up, I’ve looked at shoes and a pair of Frye boots that I’m lusting over but guess what, Frye boots don’t come in size 5.  I sway between annoyance (what, I can never ever own a pair of boots even if I win the lottery?) and relief that D won’t divorce me for buying a pair of $300 boots.

Not, feeling not at all better, I looked through some of my favorite bloggers and finally laughed-out-loud after reading some advice to 21-year-old from a soon to be 30-year-old.

Like advice #8.  I have to wonder what kind of face I have in repose.  I have an awful feeling it is kinda bi&@%y.  How does one change what comes naturally?  Not that I’m saying I’m b#t&ch*… I’m not.  But I’m so shy of strangers that I may actually look unapproachable.

#9, don’t drink too much rum ever?  I would add, don’t drink too much vodka ever.  Just saying.

Also #16.  Dresses and heels are indeed awesome.

I could have really used #19 when 21.  I will always regret not going on that cross-country trip with my college friends. I mean who wants to do that when the bones are all rickety?

Of course, #20 is something I’m slowly but surely learning to do.

If you, too, need a pick-me-up, go read Joy the Baker.  She has a really funny writing style.


One thought on “In Need of a Pick-me-up

  1. sorry you’re blue. sometimes when i’m blue i watch “my best friend’s wedding”
    however i would recommend “bridesmaids” it will so cheer you up.

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