Post Adoption Week 10 Summary

10 weeks!  Can’t believe it.  Survived another week and weekend with just a small bump on the road.  Survived while having a miscarriage, giving D some time away, being constantly rejected for D, managing through 3 play dates, a lunch at a friends and dealing with Soso’s swimmer’s ear and the boredom and the whining that ensued.

One of our friend is always telling me what a hot commodity D would be if he was back in the market.  Is it possible to be a hot commodity with two kids hanging off your neck? What he’s trying to tell me is that I’m lucky to have D.  Not many men would have stepped up so well and so readily.

It is important for me to give him breaks when I can.  Even if it is only for a bath or the night-time put down.  Or a 30 minutes run to the store.  I’m lucky, too because he is willing to take his break away actively caring for Peanut in any which way he can, even if it means spending the time mowing the lawn.

Which is why, I was so happy he was able to play an hour of tennis this weekend.  He was able to play without thinking about Peanut or worrying about me.  Which is why I’ve been encouraging him to have a guys night out.  I think he’s finally going out on Tuesday with Baker Dad and Nice Dad (I seriously need a better nickname for him).

So, here’s true summary of week 10.

When we first talked about a GNO for D, we were thinking close to Peanut’s bedtime or having Baker Mom come over to be with me.  After 10 weeks home, I can say with confidence that D can go out earlier and I don’t need a safety net.  I don’t need to make contingency plans or worry about every single minute that I’m alone with Peanut.  That’s the true measure of our progress.

Some updates on Peanut:

  • eating almost the whole container of stage 2 foods per meal
  • drinking mostly milk, we’re on our last can which will last 3 weeks at our current rate and we don’t plan on buying anymore
  • consistently taking baths well
  • tolerating getting teeth brushed
  • still doesn’t nap well, even with moving the time up to 11, only sleeps 30 mins before waking and having to be put down again
  • sitting and looking at books with some interest

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