What’s for Dinner, Week 22

I usually write-up my menu and grocery list based on what’s on sale at our supermarket of choice, Shoprite.  Well, the circular was missing this week and out of sight is truly out of mind these days.

I woke up Sunday morning with no grocery list or a menu to even guide me.  Since we’ve been doing the 7:30 AM Mass, to boot, with the grocery run right after, we did the usual easy meals.  Perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing since the grocery bill was half the usual $100 plus, plus, plus that we’ve been spending ever since Peanut came home.

Not that she eats much, but the diapers and the formula really kills our grocery budget. Oh and all the experimental baby food that we try in the vain hope that she’ll gobble something down in decent quantity.


S – grilled chicken, Sun-dried pasta salad, garlicky swiss chard

M – veggie burger, salad, sweet potato fries (it will finally be cool enough to use the oven!!!)

T – veggie pizza

W – left-overs

T – grilled salmon and whatever vegetable I get from the farmer’s market

F – turkey sliders, vegetable from farmer’s market

S – take-out



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