She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not

She likes me.

When Peanut wakes up in the morning, she knows that I’m in the bathroom and she insists on coming to see me.  She gives me a really sweet smile and puts out her hand for me to touch from the safety of D’s arms.

She likes me not.

Dinner time is still such a chore.  She’s eat a few bites from me and starts crying for D. Most of the time, even when she’s fed and full, D can’t eat in peace.  And I’m not enough for her while D’s around. Like how I had to walk in 100 degrees last week?  Last night,I had to walk outside, in the pouring rain, while holding her and a huge umbrella so D could have 10 minutes.  It was all I could give him since I couldn’t stroller her.

She likes me.

She heard me saying bye to D this morning and came running to me to give me a hug, a kiss and a pat on my shoulder.

She likes me not.

Even though she’s okay with me on these walks, as soon as she sees the house she wants to go back in.  Because she knows that D is there.

She likes me.

A choice between me and anyone else outside of D, she will pick me.

I’ll end with she likes me because she really does.  And I can tell that she likes me more this week than last which was more than the week before.  Little tiny steps, but we’re getting there.



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