Post Adoption Week 12 Summary

12 weeks… normally, I would be WHOO HOOing, but I feel so down today.

We’re continuing to do well.  I just applied for my FMLA and I don’t dread it.  I can actually see my self surviving… oh, at least a week.  I’ve signed on for 8 weeks maximum, but I’m going to live one week at a time.  Progress, right?

Peanut is continuing to do well.  She’s such an energetic child.  Exhausting is one word for her.  Loud is another.  She’s such an opposite of Soso.  I’m hoping that she’ll have a positive influence on Soso, make her more assertive.  And hopefully, Soso will have a calming influence on her.

Life is pretty good right now.

As for the weekly dinner menu…I’ve been a wreck this weekend, between finding out about my friend’s husband, the 4 year memorial mass for my mother-in-law and 4 months today that my mom’s gone.

Let’s just say we won’t go hungry between some go-to-meals like flautas and yellow rice, pizza, hotdogs and worst case scenario, there’s always ramen to tide us over.  I’ll do better next week.


One thought on “Post Adoption Week 12 Summary

  1. I promised Boy C I’d make him some macaroni and cheese one evening. Would it help if I doubled it and brought some over?? Would that help you with at least one meal?

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