Post Adoption Week 13 Summary

Peanut is going through something… early terrible two’s?  Molars?  She’s just a difficult child?  It will be interesting to see if our parenting method will eventually turn Peanut into a manageable and well-behaved child or if we just got really lucky with Soso.

Take Saturday lunchtime..  After two hours of nap, I would have thought she would be in a good mood.  But she went all Dr. Jekyll and Hyde on me.  I kid not.  It was extreme even for her.  Taking a bite, throwing a fit, taking a bite, throwing a fit.  Smiling, then crying hysterically, calming down enough to eat another bite, crying hysterically again.

I just pray really hard that in the next 4 weeks, she’ll have worked through some of these behaviors. Otherwise, I won’t survive my leave.  I’m tentatively taking 8 weeks off, but I told D that I can only take it a week at a time at this rate.

People have told me that going from one to two is hard.  It is.  I love Peanut.  I wouldn’t give her up for the world at this point.  But if I was given a chance go back in time,I can’t say that I’ll choose this road again.  One of support friend told me that it took her almost 2 years to get to that point so I guess that’s okay.

Plus, this may sound selfish, but I miss the freedom we used to have.  I don’t mean dating. I would take just being able to go out to eat, even with the whole family.  Being able to go shopping.  Getting a pedicure without feeling like the most selfish wife in the world because that’s one more hour that D has to look after Peanut.  Being able to lounge in bed until 7 AM.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be so hard if the girls were closer in age and we didn’t get to experience 4 years of doing whatever we want. Not worrying about nap time, bedtime, diapers, bottles, etc.  Not that we ever went on date more than 2-3 times year, but now to not even be able to get an hour?  It’s just hard.

Anyway, Peanut has gotten taller.  Now we need to worry about the place mats on the table.  Last night, she was able to reach up and pull the place mat down.  Thank goodness I was using a plastic cup.

She’s still not very verbal, but we heard the ba-ba sound for the first time this weekend.

She’s still wobbly and impulsive that she falls all the time.  I’ve seen her literally bounce off walls because she’s rushing around, but not necessarily paying attention to where she’s going.  Friday, she ran into the corner of the bed with her eye.  She’s like the walking wounded.

She’s eating better!  This weekend, she ate real corn, strawberries, peach, spinach, bean sprouts, meatballs and some tiny bits of fried calamari.  I’m still buying some baby fruits and vegetables, but I think I can stop buying the other meat/pasta/rice combos.


One thought on “Post Adoption Week 13 Summary

  1. in this post where you said, “i wouldnt give her up for anything in this world” …i realized how far you have come. it brought tears to my eyes, you give hope to so many people on so many different levels- from loss of a parent, to adoption stress…and now to dealing with a high energy and spirited child.

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