What’s For Dinner, #23

Korean week since we went to H-Mart on Sunday.  We went right before lunchtime so we could eat at the food court. Peanut sat in the high chair and ate some food calmly for 10 minutes.  I got the bibimbap, which was okay but not great.  D got the Korean fried chicken which he said wasn’t bad but not something he would buy again.

The store was surprisingly crowded, but I guess we usually shop earlier. Full of Americans and other non-Koreans, too. I guess the news has spread that H-Mart is a great place to shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

Also, the company has finally decided to compete with American supermarkets and not be a niche store for Koreans only.  The signs are now all in English, as well as Korean and Chinese.  A lot of the workers speak English, too.  I remember when D and I used to shop in Ridgefield Park, all the signs were in Korean and I would have to use my non-perfect Korean.

S – bulgogi, rice, namul, kimchi

M – grilled chicken, corn, salad

T – bibimbap, dumplings, salad with spicy dressing

W – shrimp kebab, grilled corn, grilled squash

T – tofu stew and rice, sautéed vegetable

T – jjiajiangmyun

F – take-out

S – left-overs


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