Wednesday Wish List Fulfilled – Kelly Moore Bag

Finally!  Finally!!!  I finally got my Kelly Moore bag that I’ve been lusting since the beginning of this year.

When I wrote about the bag back in January, I wanted the B-Hobo bag in teal.

I liked the style (can lay flat against my body), the size (not too large), and the functionality of the Hobo design. My exact quote, “Her bags have a lot of external pockets for all my non-camera related items.”

Two returns later…

Mimi in grey, one of the two newest designs. (These photos are from Kelly Moore site.)

Not flat.

Quite large.  More camera space than what I actually need.

And not as many small pockets for items like cell phone, keys, sunglasses.

What happened?  I picked Kelly Moore  over Epiphanie or JoTotes was because Kelly’s website has more information about the bags, including videos.  I had hoped that all the information and visuals would help me to select the right bag and color.

All the information in the online world doesn’t substitute for the real thing.  Even after looking at multiple images of the bag in teal, on different websites to boot before picking it wasn’t enough.  I didn’t like the teal in person.  So ironic since I had to wait two extra months to get the bag in teal.  Return #1.

I exchanged the bag for chestnut.  Then, I got pregnant and I freaked over two daycare costs and thought to myself, I’m crazy for spending almost $200 on a camera bag.  Return #2.  And to be 100% honest, I didn’t love the chestnut color either.

Then, I miscarried and I said what the heck, I only have one life to live.  I went back on Kelly Moore and saw the Mimi and fell in love with the style and the color.  Except that I knew it was probably too big and bulky for me.  I debated long and hard.  I even carried around a friend’s over-sized bag to see if I could pull it off.

It is big.


It has way more space than the one body and two lens I have.


It doesn’t have as many pockets as I would like for my other non-camera stuff. Like I wish there was a smaller pocket here for a cell phone or my sunglasses so that smaller essential items are easier to find.


And a double zipper would be nice, too so the whole purse isn’t open.

But I really love the color, style and the slightly pebble like texture leather.  It makes the fake leather look more genuine.

I’ll have to write another review when I test the bag out as an actual camera bag, but for now, I’m happy with my decision.


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