Post Adoption Week 14 Summary – some concerns

I am having concerns whether I can be a stay-at-home mom for even a month.  I had to take care of Peanut for 3 hours on Saturday and I was physically exhausted.  Mentally drained.  Emotionally in need of some down time.  How am I going to survive a whole day, let a lone a week?  A month sounds impossible.

Things are better.  BUT.  Not enough where I can tolerate Peanut’s screaming and crying with equilibrium.  When she has her meltdowns, I still can’t stand her.  And I’ve been assured that Peanut will cry, scream and have at least one meltdown every day.  She is that kind of a child.

Testing boundaries all the time, like trying to climb up stairs, go into garbage cans, play with shoes, climb up on chairs and furniture.  Which, alone wouldn’t be a problem.  It is the crying, screaming, throwing her body around, and flailing her arms that’s the problem.

I had really hope that this aspect would be better, but it isn’t.  And I have no confidence that she’ll be in three short weeks.

I’m not sure what to do.  I’m scheduled to stop working after Labor Day.  All the paperwork is in place.  My whole world knows about it, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors… it will be a little embarrassing to change plans at this point.  But I guess a little embarrassment is nothing compared to going into severe depression, getting addicted to anti-anxiety medication or being locked up in jail.

I just feel so pathetic though.  Anyway…

Peanut is regularly eating table food, including little slivers of meat, real pieces of fruit and vegetable.  We no longer have concerns about weight gain and we’re done with formula. In fact, by the end of this week, we’ll be down to just the nighttime bottle.

She now gives a tight squeeze when hugging versus just putting her arms around me. She likes to give my legs a squeeze, too.  She’ much more affectionate with me.  BUT, she still looks for D… like on Saturday, she was looking for him the entire 3 hours.

She likes to look at books.  Still doesn’t watch any television or video.

She tolerates strollers very well now, but car-rides are still difficult.

3 molars have broken through… one more to go.

A little more babbling.  Has been giving high-fives.  Follows some directions… like when we ask her to throw something in the garbage, she does.  We think that when she doesn’t listen, it is more because she doesn’t want to and not because she doesn’t understand.




2 thoughts on “Post Adoption Week 14 Summary – some concerns

  1. I just wanted to say that, although the new child in my life is 10 years old, I know how it feels when you look at this small little thing and cannot stand them. I’ve been told it’s normal, even when you give birth to that child. I also know that you have to say screw what other people think about your decisions. You need to make choices for YOU and YOUR FAMILY and you have to make the best choices you can, regardless of what others might be saying. They don’t have to live your day to day life and if you know that not working is going to drive you insane, then keep working. Part time maybe? If you don’t hold onto your sanity, you won’t be able to be the mom you need to be. So make your choices for YOU..

  2. Your mental health is more important than a little embarrassment. A simple explanation is all that’s needed “This is a better decision for our family” – whatever that may be.
    That being said… being home will allow for a wonderful bonding bt you & Peanut. The crisp fall air will provide new energy, new sights & sounds for Peanut, new beginnings for you both.

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