What’s For Dinner, #24

Believe it or not I’ve been cooking, but I just haven’t been able to get anything decent to write about.  Like the blueberry peach pie.  It was okay, but okay is not good enough to write-up.

And then, it is so much easier to just cook easy meals. Especially now that Peanut is eating table food and gets hungry by 5:30.  And man does she get hungry!  As soon as she sees me cooking, she starts screaming for food.

This week’s dinner:

S – take-out

M – tacos

T – tofu patties, rice, broccoli namul

W – turkey burger, grilled corn, salad

T – orange glazed salmon, rice, some kind of veg

F – left-overs

S – udon noodles, steamed dumplings, veg

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