What’s For Dinner, #25

Another Korean week as my Dad is coming over for two days to bridge the 1 – 1.5 hour gap between me leaving for work and D coming home.

S – left-overs

M – tofu bulgogi stew with steamed rice, banchan

T – bibimbap, steamed mandoo, kong namul soup

W – bulgogi lettuce wrap, banchan

T – grilled chicken, hotdogs, pasta salad, salad

F – take-out pizza if we go to the pool

S – left-overs or udon noodle soup


2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner, #25

  1. We saw your dad yesterday on our way home, out in front with S on the bike. And C’s response – “That’s so cute. I hope Mrs. B took a picture of that.” 😀 Happy to hear you are all surviving and doing well with the new routine. Feeling any better about Labor Day week?

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