Hurricane Irene

Where I live, we generally don’t get hit hard with hurricanes. Maybe once in 5, if we’re lucky in 10 years.  Still, when it does hit us hard, it can be pretty devastating.

While, I don’t live in a coastal town, I do live in a town that has a river.  Tiny streams in dry season that all of sudden become destructive with all the rain.

Destructive enough where homes get pretty much destroyed.  Destructive enough where over 2000 residents were on mandatory evacuation list.  I saw the map of evacuated area and I was surprised by how large it was.

My house is only a 1.5 blocks from the boundary.  The difference is vast. We were relatively dry, some houses had flooding in the basement only because the power went out and the sump pump stopped working.

1.5 blocks away, water was up to the level of people deck.  Up 3/4 of the garage.  Cars, if left would have been 3/4 submerged.  The few people that didn’t follow the mandatory evacuation were stranded.  We could see them out on their decks.  The only way to reach them would be by boats.

I wish I could post the photos, but alas with the power down, I’m at my in-laws with a really, really slow internet.  I hope I can post the photos soon.

Meanwhile, we’re just waiting and praying that the power is back sooner than the September 4th that the PSEG has on their voicemail.

And I pray for those who lost loved one and who’s homes got destroyed.


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