Post Adoption Week 16 Summary

This will be my last post adoption summary.  Peanut and I are doing well enough where I don’t feel the need to track our progress on a weekly basis. Staying home the extra hour or two in the morning as been good for both of us. She loves me a little more. I can tell because the hug is just a little tighter. The smile a little brighter.


I know I love her little more because while her love of shoes drives me crazy, I also think to myself, well, I guess that means she’s like me.

She has officially been off bottle for 10 days, counting today.  I threw out the bottles and bottle cleaner. So satisfying.

She’s eating amazing.  The variety of vegetables this girl is eating is better than most 7 year olds I know. I have to wonder how I got so lucky in having two such great eaters!  I don’t like to dumb down my cooking and now I don’t have to!  And I think this girl will eat spicy food earlier than Soso.


I guess fearless is one word to describe Peanut.  Fearless in eating great!  Fearless walking and climbing, not so much.  The girl continues to amaze me in the variety of ways she manages to hurt herself. (Do ya see the small wound on her forehead?  One of about 20 minor cuts/cruises/scratches on her body.)  We’re getting better about Peanut-proofing the house, but sometimes, she just trips over nothing.  Or runs into walls, just because she’s in a hurry and or looking at the floor while walking.  There’s nothing I can do about those!

So, we move onto the next stage.  The adventures of me staying at home, for however long I last… stay tuned.


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