A River Runs Through It

The power of water always, always surprises me.  When someone said he saw houses knocked off their foundation in the section of our town that got hit the hardest, I just couldn’t believe it.  I mean, I believed him, but you know, I couldn’t picture it.  99.9% of the time this river doesn’t even look like a proper stream, let alone have the power to knock a house off it’s foundation… so it kind of boggled my mind.

Then I saw what the river did to a hedge and well, now I absolutely can imagine it.

Remember this house in the background?


This is what the overflowing river did to the surrounding hedges.  Parts of the hedge and fencing were bent at a 45 degree angle.


The current wasn’t all that strong and this is the result. So unreal.


Our town is still struggling to find its feet. So many homes damaged and last I heard, 12 houses condemned. The piles and piles of ruined belongings lining the streets have to be seen to be believed. Businesses, too. Some have to be completely renovated. All lost business that they could ill-afford. The local ice cream store owner lost his entire inventory.

These are our friends and neighbors. I can name at least a dozen families, that I know personally. Probably two dozen that I know enough to say hello. May be three dozen, if I include people I’ve know about and I’m not even including the six degrees of separation folks.  D and I feel a survivors’ guilt. Like I’m sorry that we have no damage whatsoever.  Like I wish I could have at least some ruined furnitue to throw away.  I thought we were crazy to feel this way, but another friend said the same to me today. At least we’re not alone.


One thought on “A River Runs Through It

  1. We feel the exact same way. And I absolutely stopped in my tracks when I saw this hedge a few days ago. We’ve driven through some of the hardest hit areas, and I simply don’t have the heart to even take photos. My heart still breaks. But we spent Friday evening with some of our friends who were impacted – and it was amazing to see the spirit, and hear the gratitude and feel the sense of community. This town, and our friends, will all come through it!

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