First Day of Staying at Home

So it begins, my adventures of staying at home.  And it is already looking more like a misadventure…

Exactly a week ago, we aftermath of Hurricane Irene and a sick Peanut.  And being stuck at home with a sick Peanut and feeling just a bit “red” for the first time in weeks, I prayed to God, please, please  first and foremost, let Peanut be healthy and if we could have decent weather, too, that would be just super.

Today, it poured all day.  And Peanut had a fever.  And still does.  And while not pouring, it will rain tomorrow.  And possibly the day after.  And the day after that.  Basically the rest of the week.  And apparently, whatever Peanut had last week, it has come back.

I survived, but only because Peanut napped for 3 hours and D came home by 4 PM.  Just in time to take over when Peanut got really, really whiny.  Enough whine to get drunk on.

The good thing about rain is that D comes home early.  The bad thing about rain is that it just means that D will be home late on some other day.  Or tennis season is extended.

But, let’s end on the positive.  I survived Day 1.  There was a time when I was scared to stay at home for even 3 hours!



One thought on “First Day of Staying at Home

  1. your initial baby steps are now big girl steps :), you are doing great.
    hope that weather cooperates next week, but if you can get through this hurdle…good weather
    and good health will be a breeze!!

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