What’s for Dinner #27

Cooking is a challenge these days with Peanut crying to eat whatever I’m making. She doesn’t understand yet that the food has to cook, then it has to cool for her to eat it.

Plus, she gets hungry by 5:30.  So, I’m back to cooking two meals on Sunday to make my week easier. Plus, plus, Soso starts school, swim twice a week and soccer. Plus, plus, plus, D is home late every single night.

I’m think I posted the chicken marsala recipe, but without any photos. I’ll be cooking in a hurry, but I hope to take some photos to add. I already have photos for the tofu patties, but I haven’t had time to write the recipe.

I would like to start posting a recipe a week, but…I guess I’ll see how my second week home goes.

S – chicken masala with pasta and broccoli rabe

M – turkey mestloaf with rice and garlicky green beans

T – veggie burger with sweet potato fries and salad

W – left overs

T – left overs

F – Korean fried fish and rice

S – tofu patties with rice


One thought on “What’s for Dinner #27

  1. Hi there: I have been out of the loop for awhile and have been catching up on your life through your blogs. I am so happy to read things are getting better and I can tell you are more self assured. I love the pictures of the children, makes me fell more in touch, even if I haven’t gotten to see them. Melissa and I had dinner with your Dad on Tuesday. His home is really nice, and the neighborhood seems quiet but friendly. He told us he has great neighbors, which I know means so much. He took us to his favorite Chinese buffet, the food was really good and I ate too much, I told him he will have to come to my house next and if he is not too sure about the drive, we will take him to dinner next time. He seems well, delighted in telling us about you and the girls and his hopes for Alex to settle down. All in all had a nice visit, hope he enjoyed it as much as we did! Congratulations on your 5 years of blogging, quite an accomplishment. I always seem to have diffiiculty sticking to things.

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