Soso in Second Grade

I wish I could post some happy stuff about Soso’s first day of second grade, but I can’t.

It started with me yelling and it ended with me yelling.  I seem to do that a lot these days with Soso.  I really don’t know what to do with her.  I don’t know if I’m being unrealistic or what, but I expect a seven-year old to follow directions better.  Show a little more wisdom and assertiveness.

I told Soso to wash her face and brush her teeth before changing.  I didn’t want her school clothes to get wet or dirty.  We have a whole conversation about it and 5 minutes later, she comes into the bathroom fully dressed.

Then, at the school, I tell her to line-up in front of the teacher and she steps further away.  I have to guide her back into the line.  Then she gets pushed out of the line by more aggressive kids.  I tell her to get back in line and she just stands there off to the side.

Frustrated is the word of the day.  It will probably be the word of the month and I fear word of the year.

In my frustration, I forgot to wish her luck or kiss her good-bye.  Well, at least I got the photo in front of her school sign.


One with her sister.


And one of her going in with her class. I’m lucky I got these between the crowded entrance and holding a 20 pounder in my arms.


In some ways, she’s showing signs of growing up. Her new book bag is black and orange because she didn’t want a girly character bag. But more often than not, she is undependable and flakey. Like this morning’s incident is typical. I tell her to do something and a minute later, she forgets. I’m at a loss as to how to help her listen or remember better.

Alright, my time’s up. Peanut is awake, lunch must be fed and I have yet to get to the bathroom!


3 thoughts on “Soso in Second Grade

  1. Raegan really does not listen to a thing I say. And her excuse is either “I forgot” or “I didn’t hear you” – even though I’m right in front of her. UGH!

  2. Sounds all too familiar!! My 7-year old behaves the same way…
    (Me) “Hand this form in to your teacher – it is very important” (Son) “I forgot” as it surfaced a week later. Too many examples to mention here, but I can empathize.

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