Staying at Home, Week 1

In case anyone  is waiting with bated breath to hear the results of my first week home, I survived.  Which means everyone survived.  Without having to resort to medication, wine or any other survival tactics.  And Peanut was sick with fever.  Which meant constant whining and crying.  So, small kudos to me, woo hoo, woo hoo.

It helped that the week was rainy and D was home by 4 – 4:30.  Also three out of the four days, Peanut napped over 2 hours.  Normally, 1.5 hour is a long nap.  As it turns out, that as much as Soso elicits screeching and screaming, it also helped that Soso was home.

I didn’t think I would say that.  But, I’m writing this on Monday.  An hour after dropping Soso off for her 1st day of 2nd grade (!), I had run out of ideas on how to entertain Peanut and I found myself preferring the screeching entertained Peanut to the Peanut that’s glued to my legs.

Thank goodness she finally got tired enough to nap and I get to write this!

I have about 30 minutes to upload some photos, write about Soso’s 1st day of 2nd grade, and pee.  Sorry, is that too much information?  Well, if I must suffer, you all must suffer.  I’m back to that life when peeing has become difficult without tears.  Peanut because she wants to be held, and me because a really full bladder can be painful.  It would help if I gave up coffee, but then I would be in a bad mood or too tired to pick up Peanut which would result on more tears.  It’s a vicious cycle, but I digress.

So, since now I have only 20 minutes, I’ll just end with, the first week went well.  Seven more weeks to go!


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