Staying at Home, Week 2

Being a stay at home mom with a toddler and a school ager with several activities is tough and don’t let anyone tell you different.  Add to that, I’m either starving because I can’t finish a piece of toast, let alone a full meal or suffering from indigestion from wolfing it down in 5 minutes.  Add to that the inability to pee… but I’ve discussed that issue in another post.

Working at an office feels like a dream vacation.  Where I can eat lunch at a leisurely pace, even if I’m working at the same time, where I can finish a cup of coffee without reheating it 5 times, where I get to sit for hours at a stretch.

If you are less than enamoured with your job, stay at home with young children for a few weeks.  It will give you a whole new perspective.

I survived my second week of being a stay at home mom.  Not only survived, but I’m succeeding.  Soso gets to school and sport practices on time, laundry is done, folded and put away (except for today, but more on that later), mostly homemade meals are served and at least 50% of the house is clean 100% of the time.  Even Peanut gets outings that aren’t all errands.

The only problem is that by the time D comes home, I’m drained.  Toast.  And all I want to do is nothing.  These 12 – 13 hour days are killing me.  This is another reason why working outside the house is easier.  I rarely have to work more than 9 hours.

I told D that I can easily do 8, even 10 hours.  But starting on the 11th hour, I start feeling antsy.  12th hour, I’m hanging by the thread.  The only reason why the 13th hour is bearable is by then, Peanut is asleep.

Take today.  I was prepping for Soso’s swim and soccer practices and realized that she had no clean soccer socks.  So, unplanned laundry at 2PM.  Then it was rush to pick Soso up, gather some snacks and drinks before running to swim practice, coming home to change Soso into soccer gear with barely enough time to get Peanut’s dinner and drink together.  Peanut  normally eats dinner at 5:30 and she was already crying because it was close to 6.  Then rush to soccer practice where I feel Peanut her dinner while she’s in her stroller and I’m kneeling on the grass.  Rush back home so Soso can eat dinner and shower, Peanut can bathe and sleep.

I also appreciate the saying TGIF in a whole new way.  Tomorrow, I get a break.  I have to watch Peanut for only 2 hour stretches at a time.  *I hope*  D’s the assistant soccer coach and he wants to mow the lawn… I told him he needs to coach or mow while holding Peanut in his arms… I kid.  Not.  No, really, I kid.

D told me tonight that I’m like a whole new person.  And I am.  It wasn’t that long ago when I was scared to be at home with Peanut for more than an hour.  And here I am doing 12 – 13 hour days for a week.  I must be a whole new person to do that, without drugs or alcohol and not having any kind of a breakdown.

I am back to eating chocolate everyday, thanks to a friend who sent a package.  And ice cream every other day.  You now, it gives us something to do on that 11th hour when dinner is done, but bath and bed is still an hour away.  I guess I won’t have to worry about getting too thin from lack of eating with all the fat I’m consuming.

Thanks to this week, I’m confident that I’ll last September.  The question is do I really want to last October?  I love my kids, but being a stay at home mom isn’t quite my thing.

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