What’s For Dinner #28

I’m a little late in posting the menu for the week… I totally understand now why stay at home moms never seem to have enough time.  There just isn’t that much “free” time during the day.  The one hour nap time is usually taken up with cleaning the house or prepping for dinner.

Anyway… here’s the menu for the week.

S – left-overs

M – breaded chicken cutlet, rice, sautéed spinach

T – spaghetti and meatballs, salad

W – tofu patties, rice, sigeumchi (spinach) namul

T and F – I’m having a bit of a dilemma… should I make hotdogs on  Thursday when Soso has soccer practice at 6 PM and we need a quick meal or Friday when Soso has swim practice until 5PM and I don’t have time to cook before Peanut becomes a food tyrant?  As I’m typing this, I’ve decided that hotdogs are for Thursday and Friday will be take-out.

S – left-over take out or homemade pizza



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