I Am Alive

In case anyone still cares… I know I’ve been absent for a long time.  As lame as this may sound, I just haven’t had the energy to blog.  By the end of the day, I’ve been too drained to think.  And this little blog of mine, however little it is still requires thinking.

Staying at home, week 3 – 5 summary.  Week 3 was HORRIBLE.  There’s just no other word for it.  If week 1 had been like week 3, I would have quit right there.  It was what I had dreaded, but thankfully wasn’t until… week 3.  Still, I barely survived.

Thankfully again, week 4 and 5 were more like week 2.  Amazing how there’s different degrees of “difficult” Peanut and how I can now handle the “normal” difficult Peanut.

Going into week 6, I’m just counting down the days.  This is the last week of 12 hour days.  As I’ve stated before, it really is the 12 hour days that’s been killing me.  If D had come home by 5 every day, like I did for him, actually even better, by 4:30, I would have described this whole staying at home business in differently.

As much as I’m counting down the days, going back to work will be bittersweet.  It has been nice spending the first 8 hours of most days with Peanut.  It has been great being able to schedule play dates and such for Soso.  In fact, Soso has gotten SPOILED with sometimes multiple play dates a week!  Not having to spend most of the weekend cleaning the house, doing laundry and running errand has been good, too.

Although, now I have dish pan hands because I wash so many dishes every freaking day and I clean the first floor almost every day.  Seriously, it boggles my mind how dirty it gets.  I sweep on a daily basis now, not just the kitchen but the entire first floor.

I’ll just stop right there.  I didn’t mean to whine.  I just wanted to let the few people who read regularly that I’m here.  I’m doing mostly well.  I’m cooking and not just hot dogs.  In fact, we’ve only had to eat hot dogs once in the 5 weeks I’ve been home.

I can’t promise to blog again before I get back to work.  I volunteered to help chair two school events,  fall festival on Saturday and Trick or Trunk at the end of the month.  Plus, I need to get going on Peanut’s baptism plans.  I finally have the date, godparents and the restaurant, but I still need to get the invites done and the dress purchased.  And the biggest thing of all, I need to get all the legals done for Peanut’s adoption finalization and citizenship.

Three weeks may seem like a lot of time, but not when I have only the one hour during the day and when I’m basically a vegetable once Peanut is in bed and the house is cleaned up.  I totally understand now why stay at home moms get nothing done.

So, see you in three weeks!


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