A Pint of Ice Cream Kind of Day

Never say never.  That’s one lesson I’m learning well during this stay at home mom misadventure.

So, you know that scene where a girl in a depressed state of mind takes out a container of ice cream and eats the whole thing?  I’ve turned into that girl.

An entire pint of ice cream.  That’s probably the most fat I’ve consumed in one setting thus far.   I thought about counting the calories, but that would depress me further and who knows what I’ll eat next.

I should have known better when I started eating right out of the container.  But, really and truly, I thought I would stop, say when I got to the half-way point.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel better and I just kept going and then just when I started feeling disgusted, but oddly better at the same time, there was only 3 spoons left and why bother saving 3 spoonful?

D looked at me in a kind of fascinated horror.  Then he offered me some steamed broccoli to compensate and I ate them. Sorry, is that disgusting?

For the record, this has been a hard week. Not week 3 hard, but definitely harder than the others.  I’m not sure why.  D’s been coming home earlier due to rainouts.  I guess it is a combination of Peanut having regressed a bit.  Like I cannot leave her with anyone still, not even for that one hour of yoga. Maybe because today’s my mom’s birthday.  She would have turned 73.  Maybe 5 weeks was all I could last.

All I know is that when I think of having to do this for 2 more weeks, I want to polish off the other pint of ice cream in my freezer.

For anyone interested, the flavor was Turkey Hill Chocolate Mint Moose Tracks.  It was  okay, but ordinarily, I don’t think I would have been able to eat an entire pint in one setting.


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