What’s For Dinner #30

I was scratching my head about what to eat this week and I realized that I need to revisit my own posts.  I’ve been in survival mode for so long that all I could think of was chicken cutlets, hotdogs, veggie burgers, tofu patties, etc.  You know, the go-to meals?  But I’m so tired of them and so ready to start making some more variety of meals.

If only I had more time.

But, having started work again and weekends turning into a speed race of trying to get a week-long worth of stuff done, alas, it was not meant to be.  May be next week month year. Things are bound to be better when Peanut is two.  Right?

I’m compromising and making two meals I haven’t made in a while, but are easy to make.  I wonder why I hadn’t made them during my stay-at-home days.

I had hoped to take photos of the breaded chicken and broccoli cavatelli since I’ve never posted the recipe, but oh well.  May be I need to go back to just posting recipes for now.

S – Turkey Sloppy Joe, green beans

M – oven baked panko breaded chicken cutlet, broccoli cavatelli, salad

T – left-overs

W – udon noodle soup with steamed dumplings, broccoli namul

T – left-overs

F – take out pizza or chinese

S – miso glazed salmon, rice, some kind of veg


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