Thanksgiving is next week???

Huh?  What?  What???  How did that happen?  Here I thought I was ahead of the game with the turkey already bought, but in reality I’m a week behind in planning.  Not that there’s much planning to be done since the menu doesn’t change drastically from year-to-year.

And we will be just 5 adults, one kid and one toddler this year.  So, the menu doesn’t have to be extensive like last year.  Well, last year, I probably went a little overboard.

Still, there has to be some thought put into what we’re having, if only to help make up the grocery list.

Here it is, a slimmed down menu from last yea:


Phew.  So, why do I still feel panicky?  Why the ominous feeling of impending doom?  Oh yeah, because this means that Christmas is now coming up at warped speed and I’m as usual 0% ready for it.
No presents bought. No idea even what to buy.  No photos for the Christmas card.  No outfits for the photos for the Christmas card.
Have I mentioned yet that I have to get through Peanut’s Baptism first?  Oh yeah and the invites are not sent and the Baptism dress is not bought.  Forget about what me, D or Soso are wearing.
Okay.  Deep breath.  Release.  Focus.  Okay, deep breath again.  Release.  Focus. Focus.  Focus.  Um, let me sign off now and work on that focus bit.



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