Why I Cleaned the House Early This Week

Well, half the house, if I’m being accurate.  I guess I could have titled this, “Why I Finally Cleaned the House, but that would be kind of “glass is half empty” attitude and I choose to be “glass is half full”.  Any negativity in this situation would be detrimental to my marital bliss.

Sometimes, it is all about perspective.

The Incident

Peanut, my 18 month old, going through that ohsowonderful phase of experimenting with gravity by dropping throwing things got a hold of a glass bowl.  A small bowl from one of those set of nesting bowls?  D, who was closest to her, let her go by him.  Then proceeded to not pursue her.  And not grab the bowl.  In spite of my warning, “What are you doing?  Grab her, it’s a glass bowl!!”

Sure enough, we had one of those, “What what you thinking???” moments, except that I really, really wanted to insert a profanity in there.  But I try hard not to curse at my husband and in front of my kids.  I still have some standards.

It was the second smallest bowl out of the collection but thrown onto hard tile floor with glee, even from the height of an elf, it shattered into a gazillion pieces.  I kid you not.  Spread out all around the kitchen with Peanut smack in the middle.

D is always quick in moments of true crisis and before anyone, namely Peanut, could react, i.e. take a step onto a sharp glass fragment, he lunged forward and grabbed her.  No true harm done, but…

The Fallout

Now missing a bowl in my collection and these kind of thing annoys me.  Plus, I liked my little bowl.  It was useful for holding ingredients like diced onions during cooking preparations.

More annoyingly, instead of being able to relax an hour earlier than usual because tomorrow is left-over night, I had to carefully sweep and mop half the kitchen and part of the hallway to pick up any stray slivers of glass left on the floor.

After mopping the affected area, I noticed the kitchen floor was dirtier than usual and I realized that I forgot to mop over the weekend.  Hence, why one could look at this as cleaning late… but I’m trying to be positive here.  I mopped the entire kitchen. Then I cleaned the entire first floor because I can’t have only part of first floor clean.

While I initially fumed and cursed D in my head, by the time I reached the living room, I was calm enough to acknowledge that the kitchen needed a mopping anyway, no one got hurt, and now I won’t have to mop this weekend.

So, thank you D and I guess ultimately, Peanut, for giving me an opportunity to clean the first floor early this week.  I say this with all sincerity.  Seriously.  For real.


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