Daily Week Day Routine as Working Parents of Two Kids

We are now on our third week of our latest routine, where both D and I work, Soso goes to school and Peanut goes to daycare.  We finally have it down pat.  Well, sort of… We know theoretically what we need to do ensure a successful day.  Reality is that we always miss a step here or there.

Probably, not everyone else is helpless and hapless as we are in parenting two kids, but just in case there’s some other family out there like us, I thought I would share our routine.  May be it will help you.  May be it will make you change your mind about having that second kid.  Or, you’ll think we’re pathetic, but we’ve lost all sense of vanity now that we’re in survival mode.

Since D and I both have to get to work early, the routine starts the night before.  Before we go to bed, we prep for the next day dinner and  make sure that breakfasts and lunches are made and packed.  I usually pack left-overs for lunch and a fruit and I don’t usually eat breakfast.  D eats a buttered bagel for breakfast, a sandwich, some snack and fruit for lunch.  Easy.

Soso’s meals take the most time and thought since she needs breakfast, snack and lunch.  A yogurt for breakfast is easy and can be packed ahead of time, but if she wants oatmeal, I need to make that in the morning.  Which means I need to get downstairs 5 minutes earlier and in the morning every single minute is precious.  I could make my life easier by giving her dry cereal or yogurt every morning, but I would feel too guilty. Again, if she wants soup or pasta or anything that needs to be heated, I need extra 5 minutes in the morning.  I also need to pack a snack, a fruit and water for lunch, but those can always be made the night before.  To make my life easier, I have joined the school milk program for the morning snack and Soso buys lunch once a week.  Oh, and I use Horizon milk boxes for her breakfasts.

Lastly, I need to pack a sippy with milk for Peanut because at 7:10, the daycare never seems to have the sippy cups ready.  I can’t wait until she can drink from a cup!

As for dinner prep, this usually means defrosting the meat/fish and washing and cutting up the vegetables.

Oh and if we’re really good, the school bags are already in their respective cars, Peanut’s “my day form” is filled out and also in the car or at the very least by the doorway.

If we’re really, really good, the girls and D’s clothes are picked out.  Me, I can never seem to do that, but if only I could!

Now on the morning of, D and I wake up anywhere between 5:45 and 6 AM.  We start getting ready for work. D gets Peanut ready when she wakes up because I generally take longer to get ready.  Soso gets herself ready, thank goodness.  At 6:50. D packs up both cars with bags/lunches/whatnots, starts my car and leave for work.  At 7, the girls and I head downstairs to either nuke that oatmeal/soup or whatever, put on shoes and coats and leave for school/daycare/work.  Soso gets dropped off at school by 7:05 – 7:10, Peanut gets dropped off by 7:10 – 7:15.  Depending on how much time I have to spend with Peanut during the drop-off, I’m on the road sometimes as early as 7:20, but no later than 7:30.  By 8 AM, I’m sitting in my office, checking my email and drinking my coffee.

Of course, we never remember to do everything and there’s always the proverbial wrench that gets thrown in.  Like yesterday, Soso had her 1st Sacrament of Reconciliation at 7:30 at night and I forgot to prep dinner, make my lunch or prep Peanut’s milk.  Then Peanut woke up crying multiple times during the night, the last one at 5 AM.  So, I overslept and woke up at 6:20.  I usually need an hour to get ready so it is minor miracle that I got out of the house by 7:05

But my hair is up in a pony tail and I have no idea what we’re eating for dinner!



3 thoughts on “Daily Week Day Routine as Working Parents of Two Kids

  1. Sounds about right. There is a plan in place, but chaos can rear it’s ugly head! Thankfully, my children receive breakfast and lunch at school, or I would be in a world of hurt! I pick up the kids from my mom’s and come home, we immediately empty the back packs for the reams of paper work sent home and homework. Homework first, no playing! After homework is done, play time till dinner. After dinner, baths/showers, pick out clothes for tomorrow, pick up the house and one day a week I let them bring a lunch. I usually get to sit down for about 10 minutes around 8 pm.

  2. HOWEVER when spring and summer get here , you will really appreciate the extra five minutes
    of not having to put on the winter stuff!

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