Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – My Latest K-drama Crack

If you’re a Korean drama fan and somehow you’ve managed to not get on board Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (FBRS) train, well, get thee on board stat!  Now that I’m on my 24th drama, I feel confident in having some opinions about Korean dramas.

Well, FBRS is a great show.   It has an engaging and talented cast, the writing is good, it is fun and quirky, but it also has a lot of heart.  I haven’t been bored yet and I’m really hoping that this show becomes the rarest of shows that avoid the 3/4 series drag that seems to happen to all dramas.  Show, please continue with your addicting ramyun like yumminess and don’t suck.  Please don’t fall in cliches of evil second leads or first lead getting the noble idiot syndrome or made up problems that drag for 3 – 4 episodes or exaggerated angst.  Please.  Please let me enjoy this ramyun to the absolute last drop.

What’s it about?  Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah), a 25-year-old college student trying to become a teacher gets entangled with 19-year-old high school boy Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo), who happens to be the son of the biggest food conglomerate and the owner of the high school she’s interning.  Choi Gang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo), 31-year-old “genius chef” enters the mix as the new owner of Eun Bi’s father’s old ramyun shop.  He reinvents the shop as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and hires “pretty boys” including Cha Chi Soo and Eun Bi.  Both man and boy falls for Yang Eun Bi.

Jung Il Woo is the bigger star so, while Chi Soo is 6 years younger than Eun Bi and considered a minor in Korea, he and Eun bi are probably the “One True Pairing (OPT”.  Gang Hyuk, while older and on paper the ideal man for Eun Bi, he is probably  the second romantic interest.

Why you should watch it?  Jung Il Woo. I only knew Jung Il Woo from Take Care of the Young Lady where his acting didn’t stand out.  Plus, physically, he’s not my type.  Well, he is acting the heck out of Cha Chi Soo role.  After the first episode, I thought he was miscast.  He didn’t look like a teenager.  And his a-hat, spoiled, entitled chaebol like character is always a turn-off for me.  Well, by episode 2, he had me convinced he’s an emotionally stunted teen.  By episode 3, I started seeing the cuteness.  I’m on episode 11 and I find Jung Il Woo HOT.  He’s been that amazing.  He creates his own sizzling chemistry.  Oh and the writing is good, too.  And supporting cast is perfect.  If you like fun, smart romantic comedy, this is the show for you.

Why you may not want to watch?  It is seriously like crack, not that I know what real crack is like.  Let’s just say, it’s addictive.  And with only 5 more episodes to go, I don’t know how I’m going to live after the show.  I’m not looking forward to the withdrawal symptoms.


4 thoughts on “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – My Latest K-drama Crack

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….YES!! I love it that you’re loving this show too! I am addicted here as well. Can’t wait for the next episodes to come out! I just can’t decide who I want Eun Bi to end up with…I think Cha Chi Soo is sooo cute and there is a ton of physical chemistry there, but Gang Hyuk really cares for her and seems more of a dependable, long-term match for her in life. hmmm…what to do? Anyways, enjoy the rest of the episodes! Thank goodness for some k-drama crack to have a little something fun to look forward to as the weeks go by. 🙂

    1. Yes, it is a problem who to root for. I tend to fall for 2nd leads, but they are both so good in this show for difference reasons. I’m loving this show so much! Have you been checking out Me Too, Flower? Not as great a show, but fantastic acting by the male and worth watching for the main couple.

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