Why my daughter is eating cake for breakfast as I write this…

Because remember this post about our daily routine?   There’s like 50 steps and I’m realizing there are too many steps.  I’m not super mom, nowhere near and I missed a critical step.

I’m usually channeling Rainman like character, mumbling to myself.  Pack Peanut’s milk, check.  Her “My day” form, check.  D’s lunch, check.  Snack, check.  Fruit, check.  Breakfast, check.  S’s breakfast, check.  Milk for breakfast, check.  Lunch, check. Snack, check.  Fruit, check.  Lunch water, check.  You get the picture.

Yesterday, I made a serious mistake.  Soso asked for a hot breakfast and lunch and I would normally make her pick one.  Spend two whole minutes microwaving when every single minute counts?  No way.  May be the illness and the dull headache that’s been lingering left my brain fuzzy.  I just said, “Sure.”

I remembered the lunch, but the oatmeal was completely forgotten until my second attempt at driving to school.  Oh yes, second because we had already turned back for her library books.  I told her she will have to starve.  Typical Soso, “Okay Mommy.”

So, I rummaged around my lunch bag and all I had suitable was the piece of cake.  Kind of like a pound cake which is kind of like a muffin and a muffin is a legitimate breakfast item, right? Go with me here because I just realized that there are adults at her morning drop off who may or may not judge me.

*sigh*  I really wanted that cake, but it’s all probably for the best.  Really, I shouldn’t be eating cake after having been sick for two days. Nod yes, because I really wanted that piece of cake.


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