Peanut’s Baptism

Peanut’s baptism was on Sunday, December 11th and I know that my father-in-law sighed  with huge relief.  I didn’t know this until recently, but apparently he’s been hounding D about Peanut’s baptism.  He’s so old-fashioned Catholic!  And so sweet to be worried of the “what if”.  Perhaps that explains the big ol’ check.  Thank you for finally, finally purging my precious grand-daughter of all original sin!

Actually, it is really sweet how much he loves Peanut.  I don’t know why, but I worried that the whole adoption non-bio thing would get in the way.  But he really loves and adores her.

Here we are with Father Tim and Peanut’s Godparents.


There were only 3 other babies being baptized and not-a-one cried. The secret? Warm Holy Water.


We could not get a photo with all of us Peanut, looking at the camera for the life of us. It didn’t help that there were other people trying to take photos as well, when really, everyone should have gotten out-of-the-way for my official photographer (Thanks Baker Mom!), dang it!  By the way, this will be our Christmas card photo since we haven’t managed to get a family photo before and now we’re out of time.


The Godparents.  We picked them because she’ll actually let them hold her without crying for at least one minute.


Oops, one minute’s up.  In all seriousness, we’ve become really good friends with them.  Along with the Baker family, they would help “babysit” Peanut with me at the pool while D mowed the lawn and such.  You know back in the days when I couldn’t handle Peanut by myself?


The cake, which many people raved about, thanks to my peeps who helped me to make the right filling choice, chocolate mousse.


My friend from middle school, the person who’s known me the longest outside of my family and her mom, my honorary Godmother. She’s really my Confirmation Sponsor, but since I have no idea who my Godmother is and she’s far, far away in Korea anyway, Mrs. I it is. They, along with a few more of my friends represented my side of the family. Since you know, I have hardly any family left. Thank you for coming!

My brother came from Kansas, but unfortunately there’s no photo him.  I have a photo of the rest of the family somewhere, but I can’t find it anywhere on this new Mac I’m using.


No need to have worried about the big kids being bored.  They managed to find entertainment with a few quarters and a gumball machine.

No other photos of the party afterwards, but almost of all of D’s extended family showed up. As I knew they would. They’re always so supportive of family events. Thank goodness D, unlike me, has a ton of family.

Anyway, Peanut’s baptized, check! I can finally get that off my to-do list, phew! Now I need to work on finalizing the adoption process.

2 thoughts on “Peanut’s Baptism

  1. Congratulations, Soyon. Moments like these bring such great meaning to family life! And so great to your family photos! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you all.

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