Soso and Peanut Update

I haven’t done one of these in so long…

Soso is 7.5-years-old.  She’s finally size 6 in pant without hemming, now all of sudden her pants look short.  I think she grew in the last month!  Still 6/7 in shirts and 12 in shoe. Face is a little leaner. Body is a little fuller.  Photos from last December and this December, can you tell?

IMG_2739     peanut_baptism_5

If you received our Christmas card, you know that she loves to read, read, read. I know that she’s ours because she, too, loves mystery (me) and fantasy (me and D) genres. She finished Gregor the Overlander series by Suzanne Collins of the Hunger Game fame. She just finished the first Harry Potter book. She loved the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch. It’s a challenge finding age appropriate books at her current reading level (4 – 6 grade).  Recently, the books on my nightstand have been children’s books as I try to vet them first.  Of course, she’s also a typical 7 year-old who loves horse related stories (why do all little girls love horses?) so I always have a Saddle Club or Pony book on hand.

She’s started piano again after almost a 5 month break. She finished her third soccer season and she tells me that she wants to continue. She’s been practicing swimming twice a week in a swim team prep program. This will be her 4th year skiing and D will be working on her getting on and off the chair lifts by herself.

She’s a Brownie and I’m dreading looking forward to our first Mommy-Daughter camping.   She just had her First Sacrament of Reconciliation in November; Holy Communion is in May.  She joined the 2nd grade chorus and sang at her first concert.  She keeps herself and me busy with all the activities and social events.

2011-12-23-1451-10     2011-12-23-1453-27

Looks she’s got more hair!  13 months versus 19 months.

Peanut is 20 months old!  And not 19 months as I mistakenly wrote on the Christmas card.  But everything else is all true.  Lover of shoes, milk, small blankets that she calls koong koong.  It is the sound she used to make while holding the blanket and sucking on her thumb and it has turned into the name of the blanket.

Currently obsessed with all things arf arf (her name for dogs) whether they are truly dogs or sort of resembles them.  See a moose, arf arf.  See a reindeer, arf arf.  See anything fuzzy, arf arf.  Also obsessed with scattering Soso’s books all over the place and leaving various objects in random places.  Stuffed arf arf in the food pantry, spice container in her play car, a sippy cup in the corner of the living room.  I’m seriously thinking of changing her nickname to Trouble or Little Taz (as in Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons).

She’s 40 inches tall and 21 pounds.  She’s between 12 months or 12 – 18 months in pants, but 100% 12 – 18 months in shirts.  Shoe size is 4 and it was quite the challenge finding snow boots that small.

She’s now more choosy with food.  No more broccoli rabe, but she still likes spinach. She loves green beans and broccoli except when she’s being ornery.  She loves her daddy’s pancakes for breakfast and yogurt at daycare.  She loves pizza and calamari like the rest of the family.  She loves fish, but beef and chicken have to cut into tiny, tiny, tiny pieces and mixed with rice or pasta.  She’s eating sliced apples so no need to buy apple sauce! She still won’t eat real oranges, not even sweet clementines.  But she’ll eat  bite sized pieces of pineapples.  Overall, I can’t complain about her eating habits.

She has a few more words under her belt:

  • da, dada, daddy
  • mama, mowma, meme
  • Iah, Aya (Soso)
  • arf arf (dog)
  • pease
  • uppa (up)
  • papa
  • mo (more)
  • noooooooo  (no)
  • yeah (yes and no)

She loves to draw as evidenced on my floor. Thank goodness she didn’t get to the walls before we hid the crayons and markers.  Drawing at home has been temporarily been banned until we can stop her from drawing on the floor.  Santa is giving her a big table for Christmas in the hopes that she’ll stay on the nice list for next year.  He’s giving her a pass this year since she’s still young.

She loves and adores da, dada, daddy.  It’s kind of sweet and sickening at the same time. No I’m not at all jealous.  Puleez, I’ve been there, done that before.  Soso was exactly the same way and I’m so over it.  She has a complicated relationship with Soso… part love, part rivalry.  She wants everything Soso has and wants to do everything Soso does. She also calls for Soso when she wants comfort.  I think Soso is #2.  *sigh*  I’m only 3 because Grandma is not around; otherwise I would be 4.  Yeah, not at all jealous or anything.


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