Merry Be-lated Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Ours was not exactly relaxing what with Peanut creating havoc everywhere she goes, but very low key.


This was like the 40th attempt at getting the family Christmas photo. I don’t love it, but it will have to do. Our first Christmas photo as a family of four.


Peanut opening her Santa gift.


Then sitting on it because that’s what you do.


Big Sis helping Lil Sis. As soon as she saw the Arf Arf she smiled, then kissed her because that’s what you do to are arts.


So cute!


The rest of us just get her head to kiss, not the real thing.


Soso got this game, a sleeping bag for the camping trip, a scooter, ski gloves and helmet, personalized stationary and the first Harry Potter movie. Nothing really big this year.

That’s about it. Merry be-lated Christmas!


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