Thank you #4 Ibuprofren Inventors

TY #4 Inventor of Iuprofren

I think all moms can attest to what a miracle drug ibuprofen is.  Have a child cranky and irrational with raging fever? Give her a dose of ibuprofen and poof, she becomes normal.  Positively happy for 6 hours.   Too bad it doesn’t work on terrible-two symptoms.  Or plain orneriness.

I happen to have the Advil brand, but I’m not partial.  Motrin or even generic work wonders on fever.  I have many occasions when I was grateful for this drug, including this week. Peanut contracted yet an other bug.

Oh, they work great for cramps, too, but the relief from cramp never induced the fervent thankfulness I feel since I started using it for my babies.

Dear Ibuprofren Inventors,

Thank you for making “the” elixir in the bottle.  It helps sick babies get better and tired mommies stay sane.


Tired, but sane mommy


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