Thank You #5 Nut

I call her Nut and she calls me Apple Head. I have no idea why she calls me Apple Head.

Her nickname is evident.


I’m starting to feel like the dreaded paparazzi.

Finally, after much pleading…


“Fine, whatever, just take it.”

Dear Nut,

Thank you for the past year. As you are well aware, it has been a tough year. Thanks for listening to me babble on and on in self-pity and for 1) not smacking me, 2) for actually listening and 3) making me laugh even when crying. You have a true gift for helping people see the ridiculous even in the bleakest moments. You are like a found penny on a grubby street, drawing people in with your shine and promise of good luck. The bling comes from your megawatt smile and the luck we get is in knowing someone with such a great heart. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me get through the days.

With deep appreciation,

Apple Head


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