Thank You #6 Foster Family

I finally got around to looking through the hundred of photos Peanut’s foster family took during the 10 months they took care of Peanut. She had her signature smile in many of them. There were photos of the family playing with Peanut and clearly loving her.

TY #6 Foster Family

Dear Foster Family,

Thank you for taking so many photos of Peanut. As we look through the photos, we are able to virtually “watch” her grow. Plus, we have the memories to share with Peanut when she gets older.

The pictures show how much you loved Peanut.  Thank you for loving her and teaching her how to love. You built the foundation of trust that has helped her to adapt into our family. It must have been hard to relinquish someone so precious in your lives. As you have shown us with your photos, we hope to show you with ours that she continues to be loved, she is thriving and her big, bright smile has not diminished.

Eternally grateful,

Peanut’s Forever Family


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