Thank You #8 Public Libraries

TY #8 Public Libraries

My 7-year-old loves to read and her book appetite has become voracious. She was finishing a chapter book a day so we’re trying grade 4 -6 level books. They are harder and longer at 200 – 300 plus pages. She’s finishing them in less than a week.

If I had to buy books for Soso, I would go broke. Thank goodness for public libraries.

I, too, was a bookworm as a child and benefited from public libraries. In fact, I spent my entire summer from grade 6 through 8 at the library.

Dear Public Libraries,

Thank you for lending books for free. Thank you for having a huge variety of books to choose. Thank you for providing my daughter with endless entertainment and saving me money to boot. Thank you, too for being my version of summer camp as a child. I got to go on adventures and explore new places, including other worlds. I met all kinds of living beings, ordinary people to magical creatures to talking animals. I got to time travel to the past and future. And I did it all in a safe place to go with air conditioning! Public libraries, you’re the bomb.


Bookworm and Lil Bookworm


2 thoughts on “Thank You #8 Public Libraries

  1. I was a bookworm too. I would beg to be left at the library while my parents shopped. I would bring home a big bag of books and devour them all in a week. Lucky I discovered series like The Babysitters Club, Goosebumps and Sweet Valley High to help stem some of my ferocious appetite. Does your daughter like series? There’s something really comforting about following the lives of familiar characters. I haven’t read as much in the last few years, but I bought a book on Saturday and finished it on Sunday. Maybe I should head back the library instead.

    1. She does like series… she’s 7 so she’s done the Magic Tree House, Saddle Club type of books in the past. The newer Nancy Drew books geared for younger kids, but now she’s really getting into fantasy genre and working her way through Warrior series. She’s finished first 2 Harry Potter, but I need to read 3 again to see if she’s old enough for that one and beyond. Yes, series are nice, too b/c you don’t have to pick a new author for awhile.

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