Thank You #11 Friends Along the Way

TY #11 Friendships

My 7-year-old is starting to navigate herself through life, choosing her own books, clothes and friends.  No longer are friendships dictated by parent instigated play dates, but  rather formed in classrooms, on the playgrounds and through shared activities.

I think about all the friends I’ve made along the way and how they have shaped me and my experience.  The friends who taught me, a relative newbie in this country about trick or treating; the friends who taught me to roller skate with a pillow tied to my bum;  the friend who had been a pen-pal for many years;  the friend who got me hooked on Regency romance novels that to this day influence my view on romance; the friend whose mom fed me many dinners; the friends who joined chorus with me; the friends who I suffered calculus with; the friends who adopted me one college summer, one of whom is still my best friend; the friend who took care of me the one and only time  got drunk; the friends I went clubbing with; the friends I went to see musicals; the friends who explored the various cuisines in Boston with me; the friend who I used to see the Met operas, they have all shaped who I am.

To all my friends, however long or little I knew you, you’ve all added something to my life.  Thank you for our shared experiences.


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