Thank You #12 Time

TY #12 Time

I could have posted a boring photo of a clock. Instead I’m posting this photo of my sick Peanut, twice in two weeks, 6th time in the past 10 weeks since she started daycare.

How is sick Peanut related to time?

Well, that famous quote, “Time heals all wounds” isn’t quite right, but its close enough.

Time has helped ease Peanut’s pain. With time, I’ve gained more patience. It has helped us to bond. It has lessened my emotional turmoil. With time, we’ve grown to love and trust.

Thank you time for healing me and letting me stay home with my sick Peanut without worries. Without having set plans to get through the day. Without having safety nets.  Eight months home, we’re slowly, but surely getting better.

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