Thank You #13 God

TY #13

Peanut has been sick again since the ibuprofen post. Another fever causing, nose running virus. I could rail against the fates and believe me a part of me is doing precisely that. Especially since I’m also sick and getting sicker by the minute.

But this is the new year so I’m going make a conscious decision to be thankful.

So, thank you God, that even though Peanut is sick, that she’s only had bad colds. Really, that’s not too bad considering what other parents are going through. As for this bout of illness, as you can see from the photo, Peanut’s appetite is back. She’s so hungry, she using two spoons to feed herself. That’s a sure sign that she’s on her road to recovery. Thank you for keeping us healthy and safe. Please continue to watch over us, our family, our friends and all of our loved ones.


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