Thank You #14 Innocence

TY #14

I’m a day late because I was “camping” with a bunch of 7-year-olds out in the boonies and did not have access to the internet.

I caught the girls being silly and funny. One of the girl is not even in focus, but I loved this photo. It seemed to capture youth and innocence. I have another set where the girls are whispering goodness knows what secret, but I know that it was something silly and not particularly secretive. The girls tried to be all grown up and sleep in their own room, but one loud knocking sound had them scurrying into our’s , wanting to cuddle with their respective mamas.

Later, the moms talked about a bunch of teenagers in town that got arrested for drinking and I thought, oh please let me enjoy this moment, however brief, where the biggest worry is whether there are mice in the cabin and how we’ll ever get 10 hyper 7 year-old-girls to sleep before midnight.


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