Resolutions – Five Doable Projects for 2012

I don’t generally make New Year resolutions, but I have this year.  In many ways, 2011 felt like a page filled with big ink blots in an otherwise relatively clean book that’s my life.  I was the proverbial chicken with no head, running-a-muck, constantly reacting to situations and feeling or acting in out-of-control.

There were many accomplishments I’ve made, goals reached.  But the emotional upheavals’ overarching effects seem blot out any good.

I have, not so much resolutions, but projects with tangible end goals in mind.  (1) A thank you note and  (2) a photo a day for 365 days, not necessarily a combined project as I had initially hoped.  Thank you photo subjects don’t necessarily make good photos or more likely, I’m not good enough to make them better photos.  (3) Actually printing photos and making albums for each of my children even if it means simply slotting some photos inside plastic sleeves of the said albums.  Because the more grandiose plan of scrapbooking or even the less grandiose plan of making creating online albums for print just haven’t been going well these 7 years as Soso would tell you.  She still does not have an album of her first year.  Or her second. Or third… (4) I’m going to cross off two items off my bucket list.  There are several very doable items.  Finally, (5) I’m going to cross off two movies off my Top 100 Movie list before I hit the 5 year anniversary of when I first posted the list.  Five years.  It is time to start finishing that list!

I’m hoping these projects  will help me to focus on the positive. No matter how 2012 turns out, that I’ll be able to look back on 2012 with some measure of satisfaction.


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