Thank You #18 Silence


When you have a toddler who likes to express little displeasures in life with sharp screams, who runs around creating a whirl of mess like Taz, life moves in a chaotic blur. It was 8PM and Peanut, a.k.a Lil Taz, a.k.a Lil Gangsta (because she bullies all of us) was fast asleep. The house almost felt normal if one ignored the toys scattered everywhere.

Finally in this deep silence did I notice the little things.  Like how Soso’s little piggies, that I used to love and pretend to eat, that I declared to be mine even thought they were attached to her body, weren’t so little anymore.

Only in this kind peaceful silence could I noticed that…


Big Sis’s arf arf is watching protectively over Lil Sis’s arf arf.  Is it me or does Lil Arf Arf look like she’s ready to jump off the table?

Thank you silence for helping me to slow down for a minute and see the small, but cute details of my life.


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