Made it to Friday: Bloggy Roundup

I happen to be looking through more parenting blogs that usual and I realized two things. 1)  There’s some funny stuff out there.  2)  I need to do this more often.  Oops three things.  3) Shoot, there are way too many talented writers out there.

If you are having a slow day or a bummy day or you just want to procrastinate for a few minute while enjoying your coffee, before you go finish that project for the boss or get that screaming child, here are some blog posts that got me through the week.

Close your office door or at least have a muffler handy and don’t be drinking coffee while reading Mommyland explaining Men and Women differences and New  Year’s Resolutions Then and Now.

You’ll find yourself nodding and saying amen sista as Momastary writes some parenting truths that makes you tear up and with a dose of humor thrown in Don’t Carpe Diem.

Need some validation with a dose of inspiration, go read Simcha Fisher’s letter to the Mother with Only One Child.

After sniffling tears, you need to end on a fun note,  so go ahead and read the hilarious post by Mommy Shorts about When Parenting Gets Awkward.  But if you drank coffee, go pee first.


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