Thank You #24 Unexpected Beauty

Since I’ve been participating in the 365 project, I’ve come across photos of sunsets so beautiful, mere words wouldn’t do justice.  One person’s whole project is sunsets. 365 beautiful sunsets? Geez. I envy these people who get to see such beauty on a daily basis.

Where I live, pretty sunsets are hard to come by. I know this for a fact because after seeing so many, I swore I would capture one, too.

Night after night, I would look at the horizon and nothing. Zip. Nada. Bright sun, fading into darkness with none of the red, orange, and purple hues turning the sky into an artwork.

So what a surprise to look out my bedroom window tonight to see this.

TY #24 Unexpected Beauty

Not a great view, obscured by the trees and not a great photo either. I’m going to be embarrassed posting this on There are some seriously talented people on 365.

But the lack of perfect view didn’t take away from the sheer happiness I felt seeing the sky lit up in pinks and blues. I stood there and enjoyed the unexpected beauty until the insistent voice of my toddler broke in.


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