Thank You #27 Choices

TY #27 B

I live in a world where we have as many choices as we have colors. In fact, more.

Walk down any aisle in a grocery store and you’re faced with a dozen brands and within each brand, another dozen varieties.

I can choose low fat, no fat, no sugar, low sugar, low calorie, gluten free, soy based, nut free, what have you. Think of an option and I’m sure one can find it.

Yet, I’m only one generation removed from bread lines (or rather rice in my case) and rations. One generation away from wearing darned and re-darned clothes. Not just because there was no money, that too.  Mostly due to limited supplies. Scarcity of goods. Scarcity of choices.

TY #27 A

I’m grateful today that I live in a world with so many colors to choose from.


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