Thank You #31 Diva

TY #31 Diva

This is my friend, Diva. She even struck a diva pose, but I liked this photo better. It shows her true personality which is the opposite of diva. She’s the nicest, friendliest, kind-hearted person I know. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like her. You leave her smiling, maybe even laughing because she pulls her diva act which you know is all fake.

She’s helped me through some tough times. Multiple years of unsuccessful infertility treatments and losses, deep depression, the adoption process, the waiting process, the loss of my mom… she’s walked with me through it all.

She’s seen me cry big ugly tears. She’s heard me shout big ugly curses. She’s enveloped me in great big hugs. She’s fed me, body and soul, literally and figuratively over the years.

Thank you Diva for being my friend. Love you lots.


One thought on “Thank You #31 Diva

  1. Good Morning,
    Thank you for Sharing this Beautiful Picture (SMILE) that’s the DIVA Talking. WOW those where some amazing words that you spoke of our years of Friendship and how you fill about me. I am Deeply Touch this Morning and my Heart if Full and you made my Day.

    I Treasure the Times that we Spend & Share together and you have Help me and Listen to Me through some Tough Times. I am so very Thankful that God has Blessed us with the Frirendship that we Share.
    Just know even though we are not in the same department i will always be here for you.

    Love U and again thank you

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