Thank You #33 Charity Reminder

Charity, defined as the act of giving and caring for the poor is an important lesson to teach our children.  In giving and caring for those that are less fortunate, we learn to truly appreciate what we have.  We learn thankfulness beyond the polite “thank you’s” that pass between our lips

Soso started helping me make sandwiches for a local soup kitchen at an early age, right before her 2nd birthday. True, she was more likely to eat the sandwiches or lick the spoon, but I tried to include her in any small way.

Two years ago, I start slacking off. Weekends filled with activities made it increasingly difficult to find time to make and wrap two loaves of sandwiches. I compromised from every week to every other week to once a month to completely compromising this charitable act right out of my life.

TY #33

Today, Soso and I participated in a school sponsored sandwich making night.


It took us 15 minutes to finish a loaf and it would have taken less time if I didn’t have Peanut with me.


Surely, we can find 15 minutes even in our now crazier and busier weekend to pause and reflect on our blessings as we make sandwiches?


As we come upon Lenten season and Soso’s First Holy Communion, how apropos that I’ve been reminded to give of myself as Jesus has given himself to us.


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