Thank You #35 The Will

To go on that is.

TY #35

This project is hard and so today, I thank whatever it is that makes me go on.

Today, I had Peanut duty because D and S went skiing.

Today, I found out that the Post Office and the UPS open at 9 AM. We were at one at 8:30 and the other at 8:35.

Today, I discovered this plant, dandelion perhaps, while waiting for the post office to open. First my daffodil starts coming up, than yesterdays buds and now this dandelion like plant.

On a side note, S can ski diamonds now. Not super-duper hard diamonds, but diamonds never-the-less. I asked her if she was a better skier than me. “I think so,” she replied. Soso is not a braggart so this is pretty big. I’m so proud of her.


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