Thank You #46 Chocolate Dealer

I’m rarely susceptible to advertisements, but after listening to Michael Kay hock chocolate covered strawberries from Sherries Berries for the past month, I fell victim. Sort of. I didn’t buy them and I didn’t ask D to buy them, but I craved them. I’m not even chocolate covered strawberry fan, but oh how I craved.

When Michelle of the gigantic chocolate bunny fame, decided visit my work on Valentine’s Day, I jokingly asked if she was going to bring me roses and chocolate covered strawberries.

TY #46

She brought these lovely dark chocolate covered berries.  Does this make her officially my chocolate dealer?

I was supposed to share them and I did, after I had my fill of them.  My family got one a piece.  I ate the rest and I didn’t feel guilty.

Michelle,I appreciate your sweetness and thoughtfulness.  I loved every single bite of these delicious berries. Thank you!


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