Thank You #54 The Husband – What, again?


I’m going through a tough time right now. I can’t quite pin-point what the problem is. Peanut is better, but not enough? The anniversary of my mom passing? Just overall stress of our lives with no break from parenting and no time to re-energize? All I know is that I’m seeing the common signs of depression in me again.

I told D about it and he’s very supportive. I feel bad and guilty that he’s stuck with a partner who’s prone to depression. It makes his life, which is also no picnic, that much harder

I look at these two figures, the perpetual bride and groom and I envy them a little. They look so happy and carefree, frozen forever at that beginning stage, when everything’s new and exciting. They are not bogged down with responsibilities. They are the embodiment of “and they lived happily ever after.”

The truth is that their mettle hasn’t been tested yet. The bride looks at her handsome husband and thinks she’s so lucky. Sure, she’s smiling now, but will she after their first fight? After a real crisis or two?

Well, I know the mettle of my husband. He’s strong, solid, and dependable. He won’t runaway at the first sign of trouble. When I tell him that I’m sad, that I hate my life right now, that I’m constantly dreaming of “escaping” he probably sighs internally, but externally, he just holds me tight. Tell me that he loves me. He makes me feel better at the expense of himself.

So, yes, I thank my husband yet again.


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