Thank You #57 Asparagus

TY #57

It’s not quite asparagus season, but these babies looked pretty good at the store. It’s just another reminder that spring is knocking on the door.

I used to blanch and sauté them with a little olive oil, but now I roast them in the oven. Less preparation time, less dishes to wash, still tasty. They are a great veggie option with any meal.

Did you know that eating asparagus makes your pee stink? I only found that out a few years ago.

The photo didn’t come out how I wanted.  I think I need to start reading some technique books if I want to improve.  Just taking photos every day is getting only so far.


3 thoughts on “Thank You #57 Asparagus

  1. Thanks Erica… I wanted it to be a little lighter at top so you could see the detail better. I know that Photoshop could have fixed that, but 1) I don’t have Photoshop and 2) I feel that I should have been able to take the photo naturally “better”, especially since I had natural light and all. But I still have trouble with getting all my setting right on top of composition, etc.

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